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Happier Post

Okay so since my last post was... horrifically depressing... I felt like posting something happier.

Who here has seen Galaxy Quest?

It's one of my favourites (a die-hard Trek girl here) and I'm watching it right now.

The plot of the movie, for those of you that don't know, is that there's a group of washed-up nothing actors that years ago starred in a Star Trek like show. Years later, a group of aliens who have based their entire culture off the "historical documents" of the crew's adventures arrives on Earth to beg for the crew's help in defeating a tyrant who has killed most of their people.

The aliens that ask for help come from a society that had never even encounted the concept of lying until meeting the tyrant, Sarris. Hence why they believe Earth's tv shows are "historical records".

One of the more touching scenes from the movie is when the leader of the aliens has just been tortured for hours and Sarris (who has now learned that the people's 'heroes' are actors) forces the 'Commander' from the show to admit that he'd lied to them, he wasn't a hero.

Sarris learns who they are after watching the "historical records" and knowing right away that it was a show.

Here's the scene:

Normally that scene is really sad for me. I don't cry, but I feel grief for them.

This time?

It's occurred to me that Sarris recognized a tv show format really fast. He only watched about twenty seconds!

So what does my mind jump to?

Clearly his species has a lot of their own, similar programs.

NOW ALL I CAN SEE is Sarris and his species acting in their own versions of our shows.

Oprah is now a seven foot tall green lizard creature with an exoskeleton.

Sarris: The Human Slayer.

MTV for them must be crazy.

Good Housekeeping.

Cooking with Sarris.

Okay, I'm done.

..... The Fast and the Reptilian.

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