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You know that scene in Red vs Blue where Caboose is in the background of Doc and Church talking and he's all like "I feel dizzy!"/"OOOOooooooh!"/"I'm still laying here... Why won't anybody help me..."

I've been quoting that for, like, an hour now.

My arm has less blood in it than it did this morning.
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Okay, so I've been somewhat quiet lately. The reason being is that I've been getting ready for my trip to Tallahassee next week (YAY FLORIDA!) and doing doctor stuff.

You know how I posted that I was diagnosed with scoliosis? Well, my physiotherapist did his assessment of me and thought that there was a lot more going on with me than just that, so he wrote to my doctor and sent me back for more tests.

Hey guys, I've got Rhumetoid Arthritus! (and possibly some other things)

It's not so bad, I figured out like years ago that I probably had arthritus but most doctors just shrugged it off with stuff like "How would you know what arthritus feels like?", "You're too young to have it", "There's nothing we can do for something like that anyway so there's no point testing for it", ect.

I'm just really happy to finally have a documented diagnosis. I'm being referred to a Rhumetologist, and I'll have to do some more tests for it before they decide what kind of treatment would be best for me.
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Okay so on Saturday night at one am I was in so much pain I was crying. There was something seriously wrong with my spine. My dad took me to the emergency room at the hospital and I just kept getting worse until eight am (seven hours later) when one of the doctors finally got around to seeing me (no, it wasn't busy, it's just the shittiest ER in the area). They did x-rays and I have Scoliosis.

While that's something I'll have my whole life, this particular back spasm should be gone in the next few days but until it goes away I'm in agony and I'm totally drained in every sense of the word. I'm so tired because I'm in so much pain I can't sleep.

I'm on percosets, but they aren't strong enough. I think that says something.

I'm going to go now because the pain makes me so sick I've got a blinding headache an fever, but I can't cool down because my back muscles need to stay warm.

Somebody just put me out of my misery.


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