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I'm sick and beyond stressed right now. I haven't been able to really read or write anything you guys have done and for that I'm so sorry. I'm testing the waters to see if I'm at least okay enough to try writing again. Here's a de-anon from a kinkmeme, and I have a mini-Bleach fic planned to write hopefully soon. Love you guys <3

Someone on the new Dragon Age Kinkmeme wanted Darkfic between one of the villains (voiced by Tim Curry, just btw) and a Female Human Noble Warden. They asked for darkfic inspired by Hellfire scene in Hunchback of Notre Dame (Here, for anyone who hasn't seen it: The darker, creepier and more twisted the better.

Title: HellFire
Pairing: Elissa/Arl Howe
Rating: R
Summary: (See above)

His hand was rough and hard, not much of a stark contrast against the brick of the fireplace. But she would be. Oh yes. Elissa, with her soft skin and soft eyes. It was the eyes that had done him in. Everything about her was rugged and harsh, the way a warrior should be. Not her eyes. Large and round, blue and begging. Begging for him. Begging to be taken.

The fire roared in his mind. This was where he'd do it. The grand fireplace in the Main Hall. She would beg for him, and who was he to argue with a maiden? Her breath would be hurried, she couldn't wait much longer. He would strip her of her armor, only taking a moment to rake his eyes over her form, and turn her round. Brace your arms on the mantle, he'd order. Silently she would do as she's told. She would love it when he takes charge. The heat would surround them both, ashes from the flames licking them as the wood crackled and protested. Sweat would pour down her back, whether from the fire or his thrusts he would not know and would not care. She would reach orgasm quickly, he a few thrusts behind. Shuddering and aching, his climax would tear into her. Even the flames would seem to react, screaming at them like hellfire. His final thrust causing her to scream, he'd grasp her shoulders to steady himself. Her body would glisten in the light, a perfect silhouette against the fireplace.

And then he'd push her in and watch her burn.

Date: 2011-02-16 01:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm extremely torn between two reactions...

The first one being "OMGYOUWRITEDAFICSQUEAL!!!" And the second being "EWEWEWEWEEEWWWWW!" cause Howe is so, so repulsive.

Very torn....but I think I might go with the first reaction :D

Date: 2011-02-16 07:07 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I know, right? If I hadn't been able to write something super twisted I don't think I would have been able to... Regular porn featuring Howe? Nooo way.

Glad I made you squeal :)


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